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Useful Tips

Useful websites, videos and podcasts abound to help improve your pickleball game -- here are a few to get you started!

Quick Tips

  • Keep your eyes on the ball!

  • Continental grip is advised; use for both forehand and backhand.

  • Keep your paddle up and out in front of you.

  • Remember your footwork - knees slightly bent in ready position!

  • Be safe - stop play when a loose ball is on court.

  • Find a mentor, coach, or willing drill partner to improve your game!

  • Have fun!

USA Pickleball

The USA Pickleball Association is a national 501c3 organization dedicated to growing the sport of pickleball. It is pickleball's governing body and provides the full official rules of pickleball (brief set of rules), player ratings and tournament sanctioning and sponsorship. It is a terrific resource for all things related to pickleball including play across the nation - useful when traveling and you don't want to miss out on pickleball! Consider joining especially if you want to play in an USAPA-sanctioned tournament where member-ship is required.


Websites & Videos

Third Shot Sports

Mark Renneson offers a prolific array of material including video, articles and a newsletter for beginners and experienced players alike.

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Primetime Pickleball

Jordan and Nicole offer world class online pickleball training. Both are terrific and skilled pickleball enthusiasts who want to help improve your game with their online videos. They have a video for practically any scenario imaginable!

Joe Baker

Joe Baker's videos are a do-not-miss! His clear, straightforward illustrations and examples make complete sense. Execution may be another matter!


Joe Baker has other videos including more doubles strategy, dinking, and an overall strategy video that explains the underlying logic for newcomers and spectators.  Check out his YouTube playlist.

Pro Pickleball Media

Watch top tier play on this YouTube channel. Playlists are organized by tournament, top players, and event, e.g., pro men's doubles, women's doubles, mixed, singles.

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