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In the News: Lake Oswego Review: LO's Prince of Pickleball

Sam Stites | Thursday, March 29, 2018

Where else would George Kent celebrate his 97th birthday than on the court, playing his favorite game?

George Kent is a superhero.

Or at least he is in the eyes of his fellow pickleballers, who play with the 97-year-old Lake Oswego resident three times a week at the Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department's Palisades campus.

"He's inspirational. He's motivational. He's all those things that give us the confidence that we too can continue playing into old age," says Julie Mitzel of the LO Pickleball Club. "It keeps us all going."

Kent celebrated his 97th birthday last week, and Mitzel and the rest of the club threw him a pickleball extravaganza featuring endless pickleball games, cupcakes and refreshments.


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