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Our first Plog (Pickleball blog...)

April 2016 An object in motion tends to stay in motion....  Newton's First Law applies to our bodies as well.  While the health benefits of staying active are well known, there's nothing like an anecdote. It was nearly two decades since we stopped playing tennis and golf due to injuries, and back-burnered most other activity due to work and travel. We discovered pickleball just over a year ago while in Sunriver, started playing with wooden paddles and no rules at a local unused Lake Oswego tennis court. While wintering in Fountain Hills AZ last year, we encountered something wonderful - dedicated pickleball courts and a 300-member club right under our noses! On our return to Oregon we connected with Tom Widden, discovered a vibrant pickleball community in the Portland metro area, and the hook was set. Our first year playing has been fantastic - we've gained many new friends, shed many pounds (Carl...), dabbled in tournament play, and most important - found something fun we can enjoy together.

We could be grinding away on a stationary bike, treadmill, or elliptical - instead we are doing something that's a blast, very social, and happens to do great things for our health as a nice by-product.



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