Court rotation

Format: 2 in, play 2, 2 out
At start of session: Play one, winners remain, split, and play one more; runners-up go to same court queue.

Ongoing: You will play 2 to 11, switching partners each game, then 2 players out and 2 players in from queue.

Court level progression is results based:
Win both - move up one court queue
Split (1 win, 1 loss) - queue up on same court
Runner up both - move down one court queue

     Too many paddles!

When the paddle queues become too long, the format will remain the same, however, the games will be shortened to 8 points (no win by 2 points).

Once the paddle queues reduce, games will resume to 11 points (win by 2).

How many paddles are too many?  General rule of thumb is more than 8 paddles (per 3-court side). When the paddle queue reduces to 6, resume to 11 point games.

Rotation: a few different rules apply:

  • Play one game (11 points, win by 2).

  • Losers leave and go to end of queue:

    • if rated 4.0/4.5*+, a player may go to the end of the challenge court queue.

    • if not rated 4.0/4.5*+, the player goes to the end of the court 2 queue.

  • Winners remain and split sides.

  • If winner plays three consecutive games, then that player automatically leaves the court and goes to the end of the challenge court queue.

  • When two (or three) players play on the challenge court, the high/low UPTR players pair up.

   *session leader's discretion